Did you know?

Face reading can diagnose an individual’s character, emotions, health and future with a high level of accuracy.

The art of face reading stems from ancient China.  For centuries the Chinese have held the belief that the ‘inner self’ of the person is reflected on the individual’s face.  Masters in face reading divide the face vertically into right and left:  the left represents the male (yang) and the right represents the female (yin).   They then consider the features of the face:  forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks, lips/mouth and chin.

A wide forehead indicates that an individual is intelligent and practical;  a narrow forehead suggests someone who is careful when taking any action.

The eyes are the most important feature in face reading.  They are the ‘windows of the soul’ and your inner self and emotions can be read through the eyes:  are you kind?  are you feeling sad, happy?  are you content?  are you compassionate?  are you approachable and friendly?

Generally, the nose is an indication of wealth.  A person with a large nose is considered to be lucky with money especially in their 40’s.  While a small nose indicates a person is generous and attentive to detail.

A strong, prominent and fleshy cheek indicates an individual in a position of leadership, power and authority.  The bigger the cheeks the more energy a person has.  High cheeks show the level of confidence of an individual.  In relationships, the one with the stronger cheeks will most likely dominate the other.  Narrow cheeks signify stubbornness.

A pair of large, well-developed, large, thick and long ears is auspicious.  Large thick ears is a sign of intelligence, good fortune and longevity, while small ears generally indicate someone who is instinctive.
• Ears with small lobes: Dependent, lack initiative
• Ears with large lobes: Independent, strong minded
• Ears with thick lobes: Signifies good luck

Our mouth and lips represents our communication style and sensuality.  Thick lips indicate generosity, an expressive and affectionate personality.  A person with thin lips tends to be argumentative with a selfish personality.  Don’t try to argue with somebody with thin lips because you are bound to lose!  The Chinese considers that an ideal wife has a small mouth.

The chin relates to the stamina of an individual.  A person with a strong jaw line is likely to be stubborn. People with round chins know how to achieve balance in life: they work hard and play hard.  A pointed chin indicates someone is an outgoing person who does not like to be tied down or stay at home.  Someone who is slender but has a double chin has good luck in later years.

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