Cosmopolitan, Unique Ethnic Tapestry

Singapore boasts one of the most stable societies in Asia. Modern Singapore is a city of concrete, glass, freeways and shopping centres. It is a thriving cosmopolitan city that’s brimming with diversity, as well as a multiplicity of culture, language, arts and architecture. Get a a feel of the past by heading down to any of the ethnic enclaves: Chinatown, Kampong Glam, Arab Street and Little India. Each quarter unveils traditional artifacts, clothing, ethnic delicacies and other cultural treasures.

At the Esplanade, you enjoy world-class arts performances and the jet-set can swing to the latest music at the cosmopolitan clubs. The mid-year Great Singapore Sale is a time which both locals and visitors look forward to as a fraction of marked prices everywhere for goods which range from designer clothes to computer equipment.

Even during non-sale times, visitors can frequently get good bargains by bartering hard!

Modern, Safe & Efficient

Singapore is a modern metropolis where you feel safe walking the streets. It’s an Asian business center that’s a model of efficiency. Fast becoming the technology hub of Asia, Singapore has the most efficient electronic communicate systems in the region. With its excellent public transport system, Singapore is, without a doubt, the easiest city in Asia to get around.

Gastronomic Haven

There is something for every taste and mood. From the traditional local cuisine to the ultra-modern, eating at the finest Singapore restaurants will be an experience that can be only be described as sumptuous where you will bath in the sophistication that Singaporeans excel in. Or head for eating stalls at bazaars to experience eating the truly local way where you can tuck safely into bowls of steaming or fried noodles, or enjoy a plate of a range of mouth watering local fare. And all freshly cooked while you wait.

Singapore Slingssss

You have heard of Singapore Sling. But would you like to learn how to make this iconic drink under the guidance of expert and experience other “Sling Activities” in Singapore?